Ventura County Star
September 27, 2013

Robin and Linda Williams
Back 40

Redhouse Records

Rock `n' Roll Call: Robin & Linda Williams

BY Bill Locey

Folk institutions that live and breathe - and better, sing and play - Robin & Linda Williams offer a swell collection of olde timey music on ``Back 40,'' just out on folk friendly Red House Records - a cool thing from Minnesota unlike that bimbonic whistlehead Michele Bachmann. This husband and wife team have been doing this since 1971 - he on acoustic guitar and she on banjo and they harmonize in a most heavenly manner. This is all that's right about folk music as they deal with the usual suspects - traveling, family, small town life - known as the agrarian myth or the good ol' days - clearly a backward looking longing for better times. ``Adam Rude'' is a story about why you can't take white people anywhere especially as it relates to the treatment of the Native Americans. At least the paleface carpetbaggers were consistent - they broke every treaty. And Columbus Day? Forget about it - that's like having Hitler Day as ``The Admiral of the Ocean Seas'' kicked off the mass murder of the millions of natives that he ``discovered'' in the New World. Columbus, bad. These two, excellent.