April, The Month For Returns

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Charlottesville, VA airport (CHO) where we've just finished lighting up the TSA monitors and putting the agents to working overtime as they dealt with all the metal in our knees and Linda's recently reconstructed ankle. It took us a while but we made it through and now we're on our way for the first of our April gigs.

Where are we playing, you might ask. Well, we're making a long awaited return to Carnegie Hall the middle of this month, so be sure and get your tickets quickly. Just remember, as you start to book your flights and make hotel reservations, that this Carnegie Hall is in Lewisburg, WV, not New York City. But we did play the Carnegie Hall in NYC once, and the same Mr. Carnegie built this one.

Okay, okay, we know this sounds like a news channel  leading off with the big name. Actually, we're excited about all the places we're playing this month, each one of them a return visit for Robin and Linda.  And if we really were CNN or MSNBC, we'd mention MerleFest next as it's one of the most renowned festivals in America. But we won't. First we'll bring up the M-Shop in Ames, IA, one of our top 10 favorite venues, where we've played every year since the mid-70s. Then, after a two or three year absence, we'll come back to the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, the hugely influential institution that has done a yeoman's share of spreading, sharing and teaching this music that we love so dearly. We'll take a week off after Lewisburg (did we mention we're playing Carnegie Hall?) and then head down to MerleFest. It'll be fun to be there, not just because of the audiences, but also because we get to catch up with friends and see a hoard of other performers ply their trade. We'll end the April gigs close to home at the Wayne Theater in Waynesboro, VA. We were the first performers to grace this stage after their several million-dollar renovation two years ago. We're fortunate to get to play locally in such a nice venue.

BUMPER STICKER OF THE MONTH: War determines who's left, not who's right.

It's several hours later and now we're in the Charlotte, NC airport, our flight plans having gotten completely screwed up due to weather. We'll still get to Minneapolis tonight - they say. And what can we say other than we've been here before and that it's all worth it.

Remember, music makes you smarter, so go out and see some live music soon.

Your pals,
 Robin and Linda

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