Moving On From Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,
We're settled back in at home after being on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Thanksgiving. While there we gathered with some friends, we walked on the beach, we watched movies, we read and we ate good food. We spent as much time as possible outside because when we left home it was 30 degrees and there was five inches of snow on the ground. It was hard to leave the beach yesterday as it was almost 70 degrees and, not knowing when we'd be that warm again, we thought one more day would be nice.

But duty calls and with Christmas coming there's a lot we need to take care of around here. What's mainly on our minds now are come Christmas shows coming up next week. On the 11th we'll do a benefit concert for our local NPR station, WMRA-FM, in Harrisonburg. We have listened to this station daily for

40 years and they, from the start, have been supporters of not only our music but the music of all acoustic music performers. The event is co-sponsored by the Heifetz International Music Institute and we are honored to be joined for a special guest appearance by Daniel Heifetz, the President and Founder and a renown classical violinist.  As you may imagine, we are doing our best to get ready for this big night of music at James Madison University's wonderful Forbes Center. It will be a special Holiday occasion and we hope all who can will attend.  And then we get to go to a favorite Virginia venue of ours, Ashland Coffee and Tea. Truman and Kay there at AC&T are true heroes for doing all that they do.  A few years we had a similar type club close to us in Staunton, VA, and it didn't last. We miss it a lot and appreciate what clubs like AC&T mean to a community.

We don't suppose any of you have received any recent emails with the words "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" in the headings, have you? We'll risk your loss of patience by mentioning that Patti Simmons, our web mistress, has informed us that, if so desired, there will be free gift wrapping to go along with any Robin and Linda CD that is purchased. Just go to for all of your shopping needs.

Now that all the hucksterism is out of the way, we'll close by saying that we are enjoying re-acquainting ourselves with the abundance of Holiday material we've accumulated over the years. And one line from "The First Christmas Gift," seems appropriate : "Let open hearted offerings celebrate the King of kings." Robin and Linda are going try our best to keep that in mind as we march towards December 25th.

Happy Holidays!

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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