Robin and Linda Williams: February's news

Dear Friends,

As we write this we're in Palm Springs, CA enjoying a day off, on a little trip with Garrison Keillor playing a few shows in California and Washington. It's warm and sunny and nice not to have to worry about layering up before heading outside. And we don't mind a few days off from the work of the wood furnace.

The shows have been fun. It's the first time we've gone out with just the three of us. In the past, we've always had Richie Dworsky, the fabulously talented musical director of A Prairie Home Companion. So, we did some woodshedding before the tour and the work seems to have paid off.

We sit in a semi-circle on stage and sing about 15 songs. Garrison wanders back and forth, spinning a seamless narrative that somehow ties everything together. He is a master and each night has it's own magic.  And we have the best seat in the house.

We have one more show in Tacoma, WA tomorrow,then we head back home to winter and real life.

Bumper Sticker of the Month: I Love My Ungrateful, Self-Absorbed Children (seen on the 605 in Los Angeles)

We had a great experience working with John Jennings on the "Stonewall Country" recording project. We feel lucky to have John on our team. He has a delightful guiding hand in the studio and came up with wonderful ideas to make the songs sound their best. Plus he's a one-of-a-kind musician and a caring soul. It was all we could have wished for and more. We're thinking the CD will be released in June. Thanks, also, to Jim Watson, Chris Brashear and Jimmy Gaudreau for their musical expertise. And special thanks go to Eric Peltoniemi and Red House records for their support on this recording.

Life is good for us and we are grateful. We hope things are good for you as well. Our touring schedule follows. We hope we get to see you at one of the stops along the way.

Your pals, Robin and Linda

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