February's Teasings

Dear Friends,  

February can be a teaser of a month.  Did you know that it ends on the same day of the week as October every year?  Or that in leap years, it is the only month that ends on the same weekday it begins.  As January 2013 comes to an end we have enjoyed a lovely, warm spring-like day, but the long term February weather forecast keeps us in the real world.  We know there is more winter to come, and that's okay.  Cold weather is a good thing as it gives us all a well-deserved rest.  It cuts down on the amount of spiders that move into the house.  And the snow and ice help bring up the water table.     

We're grateful for all four seasons. We are also grateful for the opportunity to have joined up with our Prairie Home Companion brothers and sisters for a couple of shows in Madison, WI last Saturday, where winter was in full force.  The Guys All Star Shoe Band was in fine form, sparked along by the inspired playing of Dean McGraw on acoustic andelectric guitar. Brother Dean brings a spirit, intensity and love to his playing that we thoroughly enjoy.  And Garrison Keillor was his usual brilliant and entertaining self.  After 37 years of working with him we still marvel at his abilities and his work ethic. We were glad to make it out of Madison just before an ice storm socked the town in.  Richmond, VA never looked so good.   

So, we join up with The Fine Group for most of the shows this weekend.  What could be better?  The power trio of Robin and Linda and Jim Watson will be inHillsborough, NC on Thursday and the entire Fine Group will be together forAsheville, NC, Charlottesville, VA, and Rockville, MD for the first few days of February.  As you can see, we're avoiding Super Bowl Sunday in our concert dates.  Our agent is no fool. Tomorrow we will go to Charlottesville, VA to sing a song or two on WCAV-TV to let everyone in the area know that we will be at The Jefferson Theater on Saturday, Feb 2nd, for a fundraiser for WTJU, an outstanding college and community radio station at the University of Virginia, "Mr. Jefferson's (as inThomas) University."  We hope those of you in the area will come out to The Jefferson Theater on the beautiful downtown mall to support us and WTJU on Saturday evening. It will be a delightful evening at a storied venue.   

In early March we'll go to Nashville, TN to record a new CD to commemorate or40th Anniversary of performing.  We can't believe we've been at it so long.  It's just what we do and have always done - with your help and support.  Thanks so much for hanging in there with us.   

Bumper Sticker Of The Month:  It's every day, every day. Always, always!   

All the best,
Robin and Linda  

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