Robin and Linda Williams: 2011's First Email

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to you. We brought in the New Year in fine style at a party hosted by two of our oldest friends here in the Valley. We were just asked Monday by an interviewer why we live here and not in a music center. Our answer was "because of our friends." If it's not broken don't try and fix it. Linda bought a bunch of fireworks so, right at midnight, she spearheaded some noise and flash. Then we went right back to the music we were playing. Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2011 for us all.

2010 ended with sadness for us. For the last 14 years we've done Hank Williams tribute shows in between Christmas and New Years. Standing on the far left for all those years has been Dave Geigerich playing steel and dobro. In September he had a bone marrow transplant and the word out on the street was that he was doing good. He and we were all hoping that he'd make this year's shows but his doctor ruled it out. We played the first show without him and took pictures and signed a poster to give to him. He never saw them. He died suddenly the next day. We all played one more show with broken hearts. Literally, to know him was to love him. He left this world without an enemy. We should all hope for that to be said about us. Our hearts go out to Pam, his wife, and his two sons, Axel and Carter. Steelng good/Steeling good/He was a mighty man and he was steeling good.

We'll go out for a few gigs this weekend and then come back and get ready to record a new CD. In a little over a week we'll get with John Jennings in his studio and record the songs from our musical "Stonewall Country." Red House records will release it in the early summer, in time for this year's run of "Stonewall" at the Lime Kiln Theater in Lexington, VA. The musical has been re-vamped in the last couple of years with us doing all the songs and it was time to get a recording that more closely mirrored the production. The only other recording was a cast recording from the middle '80s. We will be joined by Jim Watson, Chris Brashear and Jimmy Gaudreau on the recording. We're getting excited about all this.

Our motto around the house in the late evening is usually, "ask not for whom the bell tolls, let the machine get it." We threw that motto out the window a couple of nights ago and we're glad we did. It was Garrison Keillor returning our call. We'd asked him to do a small reading for the Stonewall CD. He graciously said yes and then invited us to join him on a few appearances in California starting the 6th of February. For those of you near Cerritos, Carmel and Palm Springs, California and Tacoma, WA, think about coming to one of these gigs. His concert shows are not to be missed.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: Alex, I'll take "Things Only I Know" for $1000.

We hope to see you at one of the stops along the way. Live music is good for the soul.

Your pals, Robin and Linda

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