Robin and Linda Williams: November's News

Dear Friends,
What a day. It started out with a beautiful sunrise. Yeah, yeah, we know you're thinking that musicians never see the sun rise - at least not from the beginning of the day. But we were engaged in actual physical labor yesterday, cutting, splitting and loading firewood, and went to bed not much later than we usually go on stage. Firewood heats you twice.

And the day ended with us going to a Bob Dylan concert. Robin had never seen him before and Linda last saw him when she was a junior in high school, right after his "Freewheelin'" album came out. To show you how long ago that was, that night it was just him and his guitar in a high school auditorium. We had great seats tonight and loved the whole thing.

In between we worked on some music, made some red sauce with the last of this year's tomatoes, and cleaned up our band vehicle in preparations for this weekend's travels. We've enjoyed the last month. We've had some time at home and have really enjoyed ourselves just living in this old house of ours and taking care of home things.

We just heard that Garrison Keillor is putting together another cruise and we're going to be there performing. This time we're going from Boston to Montreal. It's always great fun. For those of you who enjoy such things you should give it some thought. The web site with all the information is . The dates are July 9-16, 2011

But back to our band vehicle. All indicators are pointing to us buying a new rig. We're going to "small up" and are putting our old and reliable vehicle up for sale. We'll soon put all the information about the vehicle on our web site so, if any of you know of a band that wants to run up and down the road in fine style, please pass the word on.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: All I want is a warm bed, a kind smile and unlimited power.

Okay, we'll make this short and sweet and close up. We'll proofread this letter and see if we any words out.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

George Balderose, Music Tree Productions
(412) 323-2707