Robin and Linda Williams: November's Newsletter

Dear Friends,
We hope this finds you doing well.  We're just back from the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we had a relaxing week with great weather, wonderful seafood and lots of migratory birds that had stopped to rest a while there too. White pelicans!

 We were in the perfect place and mindset to follow the World Series.  Chris Brashear is such a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan that it rubbed off on us a little.  But the Red Sox were not to be denied.

Our 23rd CD, "Back 40," has been released and debuted on the Billboard Bluegrass chart last week.  It's a real joy to have it out there for you to hear.  We want to thank the folks at Red House Records along with all the talented musicians and technicians who worked with us on the CD for their help and support.  We have enough to do just getting the material ready to record.  But there's so much more work and knowledge that's needed to get these songs recorded and released.  We're so fortunate to have such gifted and skilled cohorts to work with.  "Back 40" can be ordered off of our web site (, from Red House Records or from

Prior to the release of "Back 40," we talked with a reporter at and a nice article resulted. Here's the link:  And, in what seemed like moments, we received our first review.  We're not sure what to think about being called "folk institutions that live and breathe" but we're glad the reviewer liked "Back 40."  Here's the link:

Also, we found out that, since our performance last year on the Music City Roots show in Nashville, they've developed a TV show and our segment was released on October 25.   So, here you go folks, another link for your enjoyment: http://youtu.beh_e6UfSodWI.

Bumper Sticker of the Month: Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

This week we're making a couple of stops out in Colorado.  It's been a few years since we've been to "The Centennial State" and we're looking forward to it.  We'll get back just in time to finish our November dates in Virginia, Ohio and Illinois.  So we'll have enough to do to keep us out of trouble.  Hopefully, we'll see some of you at one of the stops along the way.  

Your pals,
Robin and Linda