Baseball, Bozeman and Benefits

Dear Friends,
Robin and Linda here, and we're hoping you all are well and busy. We've got about all we can handle and don't know what we'd do if our plates were more full.  When we're not doing more important things we've been watching the World Series and enjoying it immensely. Robin played high school and college baseball and he's constantly rewinding the DVD recorder and telling Linda to look at some minute happening on the field that makes the game, in his mind at least, so interesting. Linda is a great sport and knows as much about the players as Robin. The last game is tonight and we'll probably watch it.

We'll be flying around the country some this month to places like Bozeman, MT and Ames, IA. The last time we were in Montana was on, as close as we get, to a vacation. There was music played nightly and we made some good friends and we're looking forward to going back there for a visit and a show. And what more can we say about Ames and The Maintenance Shop than we've said here already? We've played there every year since "the 30s." Well, maybe not, but you get what we mean. We have many fond memories of nights in that small, iconic room and of the many folks we've come to know in the area. We go all over the country these days and run into people we first met at The M-Shop. The details are below.

But back to Montana and musicians, we were there last with our friend Mary Chapin Carpenter. She and we, along with Tift Merritt , John Gorka and a host of others are gathering for a couple of shows in Bethesda, MD to celebrate the artistry of John Jennings, MCC's long time friend, producer and band mate, and to raise some money to benefit John as he battles cancer. This is not only going to be fun for us but it is going to be a great show. If you're in the vicinity you should come. Again, the information is below.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: A clear conscience is the sign of a fuzzy memory.

A year after its release our CD, "Back 40," is still getting a review every once in a while. The latest is from "Making A Scene," an online music magazine and the reviewer was complimentary. He seemed to especially like our version of "Urge For Going." We've often mused that Joni Mitchell probably never  thought of her song being sung with a banjo. No matter! We're just glad the reviewer liked it.

Keep on the sunny side.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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