Hearts Are Full

Dear Friends,
It's another spectacular October day in what has been an eventful month. Robin had an encounter with a hospital and a cardiologist that resulted in his having three stents put in his heart.  It all started when he was born in Charlotte, NC in 1947 but, fast forwarding from then to the bottom line today, he dodged a huge bullet from the "Cosmic Gunman" and, after three weeks, is back to his old self.

Linda quickly donned her Florence Nightingale/Clara Baron hat and increased her lead in the Payback Cup, a lead Robin will probably never overtake no matter how hard he tries. And now we are moving forward with renewed appreciation for the medical profession and thanking our lucky stars that we have the opportunity to realize how precious life is. After this episode our hearts are full.

This thing came at a good time as we didn't have to cancel any gigs. And there is no prettier time of the year in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia than October. So we've enjoyed this month at home getting the house and yard ready for the winter, closing up the garden (we got our last tomatoes, eggplant and okra last week and have to dig the new onions soon), watching "Hell On Wheels" (we're totally hooked) and playing music (Robin has started playing an old Gibson L-2 that has been hanging around the house for years).

We've been delving back into our catalogue and enjoying some old songs we've written. Usually what happens is that someone at a gig will request a song we've more or less forgotten and, when we get home, we'll go back to it and decide if it's up to the lofty standards our audiences demand of us.  If the answer is yes, we work them up. We'll be bringing a couple of them with us at our next gigs next weekend.

From "The Other News Department," Red House Records, has included our song "Together All Alone" on "Christmas On The Lam,and Other Songs From the Season," a compilation of holiday material they recently released. Other Red House artists on the CD include Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Jorma Kaukonen, John Gorka, Suzzy Roche, Dale Watson, Heather Masse, Bill Kirchen and The Pines to name a few. It's wide ranging with some familiar songs and several new songs from the artists' pens. We just received it last week and have listened to it several times already. Every time through we hear something new, an instrumental lick, a harmony or a turn of phrase that perks up our ears. We certainly are pleased to be included on this excellent CD and we're sure they'll make wonderful presents. If you'd like to put a smiles on some of your loved ones' faces this Christmas order three or four from our web site, www.robinandlinda.com.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: I fell into an upholstery machine but I'm fully recovered.

This time next week we'll be driving and playing. Then we'll come home and vote. You guys be sure and vote as well.

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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Your pals,
Robin and Linda