Robin and Linda Williams: October's Outstanding Events 2009

Dear Friends,
We hope this finds you all well, happy and busy. We had a wonderful weekend with friends and family. We've been getting some things done around the place and are in the midst of several projects on this old house of ours. Never a dull moment around here. We're enjoying October. The weather has been spectacular and the late afternoon light always makes us stop duringour daily routines to take in the seasonal splendor.

But we're about to shift gears and head out for some road work. Next weekendwe'll do a show with Doc Watson that we're looking forward to. Who wouldn't? Then there's a trip to some of our favorite places in the mid-west along with a few new stops. And we'll end up this month's travels in Alberta, Canada. Here we go again, living the dream.

Big news here in Middlebrook, VA. We have cell phone service. Yes, we've finally joined the 20th Century. Linda found out, quite by accident, when her cell phone rang in our kitchen. After her conversation we plugged the air card into our computer and found out that it works as well. So now we have high speed internet as well - kind of. If we're sitting outside, no problem. If we're inside - well, it's iffy. So wintertime is going to be interesting. We might be bundling up and putting on our fingerless gloves to get our emails during the coldest season. That seems less a chore than going back to dial up. Hopefully our days of having to leave the house to download files or MP3s are behind us. We'll see.

The wonderful weekend of music at the Fortune Williams Music Festival is still with us. Even though it rained constantly the weather dampened no ones' spirits. We had the best seats in the house at Friday night's songwriter show, sitting next to Pat Alger who performed his songs with humor and precision. You'll be hard pressed to find a better songwriter. And we feel that Saturday's show was one of the best we've had in the seven years of our festival. There was a particularly poignant moment when Marty Stuart, the coolest man in Country Music, called Jay Ungar on stage to play Jay's tune "Ashokan Farewell." Everyone in the audience understood immediately how special it was.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: A seminar on time travel will be held two weeks ago.

That's our story and we're sticking to it. Go out and see some live music. Don't forget music makes you smarter.

Your pals, Robin and Linda