Robin and Linda Williams: October's Email

Dear Friends,

We're just back from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There's nothing like the ocean to relieve the stress, strain and tension from life here in Middlebrook, VA.  We were there for ten days and just when we started to get used to the fact that we didn't have to be constantly on the cell phone or computer, that we didn't have to feel guilty about sitting around and reading a book in the middle of the day; that, if the past is any indicator, we would have a career in music if didn't have an instrument in our hand every waking moment - i.e. just as we're getting used to relaxing, - well, it's time to go home and get back into the groove. What's really interesting about life there is that there is no TV in the house. So we keep up with the news by means of the newspaper and the radio. Thank goodness for NPR down there. Without it we'd have really fallen out of touch.

But we're quickly back into the swing of Middlebrook life.We got the few remaining vegetables in the garden that survived the first frost of the season. We've picked up fifteen bushels of black walnuts that have fallen in the yard.  We immediately got together with some friends and went to see "Argo" which we liked a lot. We're now visiting with a former college roommate of Linda's and her husband who are here for a couple of nights. And we're making plans to leave again in a week for Nashville and Indiana.

The Nashville stay will be interesting in that we're doing two shows on WSM, the "air castle of the south and the home of the Grand Ole Opry." On Wednesday we'll be on "Music City Roots," a live radio show in front of an audience, which will be broadcast locally and throughout the southeast of Nashville independent station, Lightning 100. Here's the link: As well, we've learned that the show is being filmed and will be included in a package of shows that will be offered on your local PBS station. The next day we'll be live on "Coffee, Country and Cody,"a legendary morning show on WSM where we'll talk about our new CD. You can listen on line to that as well. We'll be on at 10:15 EDT. Then, after swinging up to Hanover, IN for a concert, we'll come back to Nashville and play the Station Inn. We just heard from our new agent that there's talk of us coming back to town in the not too distant future and playing the Grand Ole Opry. We're hoping that comes together.

"These Old Dark Hills" continues to be a source of enjoyment for us. A friend just sent, through the US mail no less, a nice review from thel ongstanding English magazine, "fROOTS." It's nice to know our music is getting over there. Also, the folks at "Bark Magazine" ("Dog is my co-pilot" is their motto) found out about our dog song, "Tessie Mae," and are running a short piece about the three of us in the next issue. It's interesting how songs find their way around.

A short shout out should go to Chris Brashear, the fiddler who plays so many gigs with us. Jim Watson, the other member of the Fine Group,and Marshall Wilborn, this year's IBMA Bass Player of the Year, will be teaming up with Chris for a couple of gigs in early November, one of them at The Mockingbird in Staunton, VA. Those close by should not miss one of their shows.  Go to

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Hope this finds you all doing well and that we get to see you at one of the stops along the way.

Robin and Linda

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