Robin and Linda Williams: Watermelons and Music

Dear Friends,

We're back home for a few days with watermelons and music on our minds. Watermelons? Really? Well, after almost 40 years of trying without any success, it's great to come home and find one perfectly ripe waiting on us. We'd heard about it from neighbors who noticed it and wrote to inquire when we were getting home in case they needed to rescue it for us. It weighed 24+ pounds and we've been eating on it since Friday. Watermelon for breakfast, lunch and supper; it's watermelon all the time. As of this writing it's still delicious and about half gone. And there's room now in the refrigerator for something else.

The music we have on our mind is from our road buddies, Jim Watson and Chris Brashear. They both have new projects, released this summer, that we want to mention. Jim teamed up with a couple of old band mates from his Red Clay Ramblers days, Bill Hicks and Mike Craver, and, along with Joe Newberry, recorded a wonderful CD of old time music, some old and some new, called "You've Been a Friend To Me." Chris' new solo CD, "Heart Of The Country," finds him standing out front with his guitar singing eight of his songs along with four other well chosen numbers, including a lovely version of our song "Green Summertime." We are fortunate to stand on stage every night with such talented guys and these two CDs are excellent examples of what top-notch musicians they are. They both have Facebook pages that have the information of how to order them. Or you can purchase them at one of our gigs.

Speaking of which, The Fine Group will be reconvening this weekend for some gigs in North Carolina and Virginia after which we'll head to Nashville for a showcase at this year's International Bluegrass Music Association gathering. We've had a good time at the other showcases we've done in Colorado and MIchigan the last couple of weeks. It's fun playing for new people and seeing the other performers out there traveling around. We haven't been to the IBMA gathering in a few years so we'll hope to see some new faces peppered in and among the old friends. If we're close to you, come out and see some live music. had some nice words to say about our new CD. At the risk of sounding a bit self-centered (That's enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think about me?) we thought we'd share them:

"These Old Dark Hills sounds like an instant Americana classic and proves that this veteran duo continues to be one of the most innovating and compelling roots acts on the scene today. From the haunting title track to poignant story songs like Lonesome, Arizona, and Looking for Love to humorous tunes like Tessie Mae about their newly adopted dog, These Old Dark Hills is some of their finest songwriting to date. Other highlights include their fresh covers of the country classic Storms Never Last, Springsteen's My Lucky Day and the moving a capella number World Wide Peace. Woven in seamlessly with their originals, Robin & Linda create an album that speaks to the love and hope we can find even in the darkest of times. Robin & Linda are an American musical treasure."

Bumper Sticker Of The Week: You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

We hope this finds you doing well. It's a beautiful day here at home and fall is in the air. The black walnuts are falling and thus we begin our yearly endeavor to keep them picked up so as to not have a yard full of sprouts come spring. The pasture needs one more mowing before we take off again on Thursday and the garden needs some tending. So we'd better close up here and get to work.

Thanks for letting us keep up with you.

Robin and Linda

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