Robin and Linda Williams: Cruise News

Dear Friends,

We're just back from a truly amazing trip with the good folks from A Prairie Home Companion and 1,200 other folks who all signed up for a cruise from the Netherlands to Portugal, Morocco and Spain. We saw some wonderful old European cities and loved hanging out and playing music with all the superb musicians on the ship.  Whenever we weren't playing we were watchingother fellow performers, all of who were just great - Chuck Mead and The Grassy Knoll Boys, The DeGiallonardo Sisters, Butch Thompson, Connie Evingson, Bob Douglas, The Guys All-Star Shoe Band, and a Flamenco guitar duo with a fabulous singer and dancer who joined us in Lisbon. Especially fun was teaming up with the G.A.S. Band to pull out old Rock and Roll and Country songs for folks who were dancing. Those sets were all impromptu with someone just calling out the song and key and then us all jumping in and hanging on.  We did five or six Robin and Linda sets so we had to go into "deep repertoire" in which we not only sang songs from The Fine Group's recent shows, but also revisited songs we've sung on the radio over the many years we've done APHC along with numerous old tunes of ours. We were singing songs we hadn't sung in years. And then - just like that - it was over and we were at the airport flying home. It's so intense traveling internationally that we woke up in our own bed the next morning finding it hard to believe that Barcelona had been just the day before.

So now we're in the "in between trips" mode; i.e. unpacking our suitcases, washing clothes and then re-packing different suitcases for our trip this upcoming week. We'll have a full month of performances that will take us to Colorado,New York, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia and Nashville, TN, so we'll be flying and driving. We're looking forward to it all.

In sorting through a tub of mostly bills and junk mail, we were happy to find a good review of our new CD in the new Daedalus Books catalogue where it also received a "Staff Pick." Bless their hearts and here's a quote that'll probably end up in the press kit: "A more true-blue example of Americana you'll never heart han the title track, with its evocation of their mountain home."

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: "My anger management counselor really pisses me off"

We hope you all are having a relaxing Labor Day.  We did some chores around the place, we rehearsed some in preparation for upcoming gigs and then went and had supper with friends. We are fortunate to have good friends and work we love. We count our blessings.

Robin and Linda

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