Summertime's Demise

Dear Friends,
Things are good with Robin and Linda. The black walnut tree is starting to shed its leaves onto the back deck which means summer is coming to an end. Another indication of changing seasons is Robin finally making calls to some friends about cutting some wood for the winter. We're finishing up with our tomatoes and making red sauce out the wazoo. We're enjoying the last of the okra and vowing to plant more next spring. The fall garden is coming in and the second planting of beans is on us with a vengeance. There never seems to be enough time for everything.

We're back from a fun weekend in New Mexico and Colorado where we boarded a train with our audience in Alamosa, CO and took and hour and a half ride on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad to a place called Fir which is located at 9,200 feet. There everyone unloaded and we played a set in one of the most scenic situations you can imagine, after which we all got back on the train and rode back down the mountain. We plan on writing down some notes about what a remarkable gig it is, because in case we have the opportunity to do it again, we want to make sure and pass the word on to you. Anyone who can should take advantage of it. We had time on the way home to drive through Taos, NM, a place we've always wanted to see, and then we followed the Rio Grande gorge on down toward Albuquerque. We love that part of the country but we like living where it's green.

All our concerts are important but in this newsletter we'd like to mention a couple of upcoming shows. The first one is at Caffe Lena's, a venerable venue in Saratoga Springs, NY on September 13. This show will be streamed out live on the web. If you'd like to see the show on your computer go to: We had the opportunity to do this once before and the results were remarkable. Folks who watched it all around the world said it was almost like being there at Lena's. We've been wanting to do another show like this ever since.

"Music That Matters" on October 23rd is the second show and it's a benefit for the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Foundation ( We've known for over 30 years what amazing work these folks do to improve the lives of those with disabilities. The stories are numerous and amazing of how people with heart wrenching physical impairments come to this wonderful facility and leave with confidence and independence, prepared for employment and life in the world. We are so glad to be a part of this evening. And a part is all we'll be. On the show with us will be George Dennehy (, a talented singer/musician who was once a client at WWRC. He was born without arms but that didn't stop him. Come hear him and you'll be inspired at what a difference the WWRC made in his life. Larry Smith, the former director of the Fortune Williams Music Festival (anyone remember that?) has done a great job of helping us with this concert. Thanks, Larry.

A few weeks ago a reporter from the Washington Post dropped by our house and we talked about the Scotch-Irish heritage of the Shenandoah Valley, our former senator Jim Webb and lastly, as an aside, our opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We showed her the YouTube video of us singing "We Don't Want Your Pipeline" and, a few days later she called to say she was doing an article on us and our song. Here's a link:

BUMPER STICKER OF THE MONTH: Don't move your lips when reading this, it's embarrassing.

We hope this finds you well and busy. Go out and see some live music soon!

Your pals,
Robin and Linda

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