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Robin & Linda

Mixed & Mastered
by Chris Frymire

Modern Minstrel Mastering
Minneapolis, MN

Layout & Design
Pat & Chuck Blackley

Dan Zimmerman
Temple Newbold

Produced by
Robin & Linda Williams
Chris Frymire


Robin Williams: Lead vocal, guitar

Linda Williams: Lead vocal, guitar, banjo

Guy's All Star Shoe Band:
Richard Dworsky - piano
Andy Stein - fiddle
Pat Donohue - guitar
Gary Raynor - bass
Arnie Kinsella - percussion

The Fine Group:
Jim Watson: vocal, bass
Jimmy Gaudreau: Mandolin
Kevin Maul: Dobro

Guest Appearances:
Mountain Heart
Mike Seeger
The Hopeful Gospel Quartet

All tracks originated as
live radio broadcasts
at Garrison Keillor's
lengendary radio program,
"A Prairie Home Companion.,"
produced by
American Public Media and
Prairie Home Productions.
1. Blue Ridge Cabin Home
2. By the Touch of Her Hand
3. The Other Side of Town
4. Things I've Learned
5. 50,000 Names
6. Feed My Sheep
7.We'll Meet Again
8. So It Go
9. I'll Twine Through the Ringlets
10. If The River Was Whisky (Hesitation Blues)
11. So Long See You Tomorrow
12. Restless One
13. 18. Home Sweet Home Medley
14. Home Sweet Home
15. A Mother's Prayer
16. Daddy and Home
17. Mom and Dad's Waltz
18. Precious Memories
19. Marvun & Mavis Smily -- Down Home Diva