Robin & Linda Williams: Discography

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BACK 40, Robin and Linda Williams2013: Celebrating their 40th year of making music together with the release of Back 40, a robust blend of folk, bluegrass, and Americana that have been Robin and Linda's trademark for four decades. Back 40 features fresh takes on some of their old classics and their brand new song, "This Old Familiar House on Christmas Day."

These Old dark Hills 2012 These Old Dark Hills, From the haunting title track ("These Old Dark Hills,") to poignant story songs like "Lonesome", "Arizona," and "Looking for Love" to humorous tunes like "Tessie Mae" about their newly adopted dog, These Old Dark Hills is some of their finest songwriting to date. Other highlights include their fresh covers of the country classic "Storms Never Last," Springsteen's "My Lucky Day" and the moving a capella number "World Wide Peace."

Download lyrics to original songs. _____ Listen now These Old Dark Hills

    Woven in seamlessly with their originals, Robin & Linda create an album that speaks to the love and hope we can find even in the darkest of times. Robin & Linda are an American musical treasure. __ Red House Records

Stonewall Country 2011 Stonewall Country _ songs from the musical _ tells the life-story of one of the Confederacy's most iconic generals, tracing a story-arch that takes you from Jackson's pre-war life in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley ("Stone Wall Country") to one of Jackon's finest moments during "The Valley Campaign" of 1862 ("Proud Valley Boys"). Beautifully capturing the courage that defined Jackson and ultimately brought him to his fate, "Let Us Cross Over the River" is based on Jackson's final words and is the album's stunning closer. "Stonewall Country"

Buena Vista2008 Buena Vista An exploration of life's hard times and unexpected joys, these new tunes take us down south to country's bumpy back roads and mountain views. Inspired by the Virginia town of Buena Vista, the album is about a colorful cast of characters, from the narrator who loses everything in the title track to the homeless "Invisible Man," to the corrupt businessman in "When a Thread Gets Caught." Download lyrics and credits.

2007 Radio Songs: Fans who are already familiar with the duo's impressive repertoire will love having a copy of the live versions of longtime favorites, but many of the tunes on Radio Songs were performed only once, making this essential listening for devotees of both APHC and Robin & Linda Williams.
~ James Christopher Monger __ All Music Guide "50,000 Names"

2005 The First Christmas Gift Great new Christmas songs of their own composition, as well as songs by John Prine, Roger Miller and Steve Earle. "The First Christmas Gift" is a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded, cliche-ridden field ... Shotgun Shells On A Christmas Tree" will probably become a bluegrass standard." __ The Washington Post.

2004 Deeper Waters Released February 24, 2004.
"... nothing short of a masterpiece and perhaps their most inspired recorded moment." Courtesy appearances by Mike Auldridge, Jimmy Gaudreau, John Jennings, Kevin McNoldy, Mark Schatz, and Rickie Simpkins, Jim Watson, Iris Dement, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Schuyler Fisk, and actress Sissy Spacek.

2002 Visions of Love Produced by Garrison Keillor with guest appearances by Peter Ostroushko, Richard Dworsky, and Gary Raynor. Includes songs by Merle Haggard, Jimmie Rodgers, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, the Carter Family, The Louvin Brothers, and Hank Williams.

2000 In The Company Of Strangers Reached Gavin's Americana Chart "Top Ten." Courtesy Appearances: Mary Chapin Carpenter, John Jennings, Andy Waldeck, Tim O'Brien, Stuart Duncan

1998 Devil Of A Dream
Received the "Gold Star Award" for the best Folk CD of 1998. Also listed in the top 10 "Album Of The Year." -The Crossroads Magazine

1996 Sugar For Sugar With guests Mary Chapin Carpenter, Stuart Duncan, Tim & Mollie O'Brien and Jimmy Gaudreau. "...The kind of no-frills, boiled-down country that derives its power from simplicity and heart, rather than flash and bombast." -The Houston Press

1995Good News First gospel recording, featuring traditional gospel songs, rousing a cappella numbers and two new originals from the Williams. "This is their first all-gospel recording and the results are, well, heavenly."
-St. Paul Pioneer Press

1994 Turn Toward Tomorrow Robin and Linda, with Mary Chapin Carpenter's producer John Jennings, deliver a brand new batch of penetrating, passionate material. "The first-rate songs are ignited with plenty of energy and their trademark harmonies." -Sing Out!

1993 LIVE Literally every tune here will emotionally affect the listener in some fashion, with stirring renditions of original tunes like "The Devil Is A Mighty Wind," "The Leaving Train," "Don't Let Me Come Home A Stranger" and "Stone Wall Country" standing out as especially dramatic and touching. -The Washington Post

1990 The Rhythm Of Love Together the Williamses are a more persuasive case for harrnony singing than the Everly Brothers or Simon & Garfunkel ever were. -Orlando Sentinel With guests JERRY DOUGLAS and STUART DUNCAN.

1989 All Broken Hearts Are The Same
Superb original songs and electrifying harmony by these Prairie Home Companion regulars. With guests JERRY DOUGLAS, RAY FLACKE, STUART DUNCAN and T. MICHAEL COLEMAN.

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  • 1985 Nine Till Midnight: Recorded live to two track at the Coffeehouse Extempore in Minneapolis with long time friend and musician Peter Ostroushko for Flying Fish Records. Includes Williams' popular "They All Faded Away," and Townes Van Zandt.'s "None But The Rain."

  • 1984 Close as We Can Get: Some of the Williamses most requested songs, "The Leaving Train, "Daughter Of McLeod," and "Don't Let Me Come Home A Stranger" are on this Flying Fish Records recording. Includes several guest artists on drums, bass, electric guitar, fiddle & piano.

  • 1981 Harmony: A June Appal recording with Peter Ostroushko on fiddle,& mandolin, Mike Cass on dobro & pedal steel guitar, Dan Lund on electric guitar, Butch Thompson on piano, Curly Rule on electric bass and Kurt Werner on drums. Includes their popular song " Famous in Missouri" as well as 7 other originals.

  • 1979 Dixie Highway Sign: This June Appal recording includes original ballads, "Liza," "Murderers On The Cumberland Plateau," "Traded My Soul' and the riveting story of "Step It Out Nancy" as well as traditional pieces like "The Johnson Girls," and songs form Greg Brown, Russell Smith, David Olney & Butch Handcock. Peter Ostroushko on fiddle and mandolin.

  • 1978 Welcome Table: A Symposium Records album featuring Peter Ostroushko on fiddle, mandolin & vocals and Mike Cass on dobro. This recording has mostly traditional songs as well as selections from Norman Blake, A..P. Carter and Johnny Preston and 2 Williams' originals: "Sunny Caroline" and "Nebraska Corn."

  • 1977 Shenandoah Moon: Recorded on the Symposium Records label with Peter Ostroushko on fiddle, mandolin & vocals on "Angel Band." Features Linda's clawhammer banjo on "The Cuckoo" with additional lyrics Robin.

  • 1975 Robin & Linda Williams: Recorded for Flashlight Records with Peter Ostroushko on fiddle &mandolin, Mike Cass on dobro, and Dave Hull on guitar. Their first recording of "Daughter Of McLeod," "Sunny Caroline" and "None But The Rain" by Townes Van Zandt.